Captain Casement's Fairly Famous Manx Knobs 

Celebrated souvenir confection, beloved of bespoke gentlemen and ladies. Designed for Grown Ups, Students of the University of Life and Readers of fine small print.

Discover how a tin of Casement’s Manx Knobs makes the perfect social icebreaker when you’re introducing yourself to a whole new circle of friends-to-be.
Identify yourself as coming from somewhere rather special ( by showing off the tin ), and demonstrate your kindness and generosity ( by offering them around )
You’ll be fairly famous before you know it...............Simple!

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Manx Knobs

Gethyn Jones on 18th Jun 2019

Absolutely moorish!!

Manx Knobs

Steve Moore on 12th Jun 2019

I am not sure whether I prefer the actual Knobs or the wit and cleverness contained in the packaging and marketing of them (might actually be the latter). I discovered these Knobs on a visit to the Isle years ago and I like to have some around to enjoy periodically. I find them to be a simple and unique treat.