We have some great artisans here on the Isle of Man who produce soaps, candles, bath bombs, body balms.

Glynne from "Snaefell Soaps" says that during her research into hand creams, she realised that the glycerine present in handmade soap is a by-product of a chemical process, and that commercially produced soap undergoes an extra process, where the glycerine is extracted, and used to make – you guessed it – hand cream! That clinched it for her, she wanted glycerine in her soap and so, the journey began into producing her own brand all with Manx names.

Tracey from "Little Tree Soaps" says all Little Tree Soaps soaps products have a certified safety assessment (as they are classed as cosmetics) from a specialist independent cosmetic assessor and comply with EU regulations regarding labelling and registering on a database called the portal. None of her ingredients or products are tested on animals. All making, cutting, stamping, packaging and printing is done by her own fair hands.