Despite having been in existence for over 40 years, Paul and Lynne who are avid tea and coffee lovers bought the business about 12 years ago when they were looking for a new venture. Their tea and coffee produce is now extremely popular with locals as well as tea and coffee lovers worldwide. 

Paul and Lynne import and only roast to order in their own roasting plant in Ballasalla. This gurantees maximum freshness, taste and aroma from all their coffees. The roasting machine which is used is a genuine antique being more than 100 years old and still not bettered for processing. Paul believes that the passion, history and experience you will find in their coffee is unbeatable. 

In addition to coffee, they also carefully select African and Indian teas to produce the famous Isle of Man Fairy Bridge Tea and Glen Helen tea bags, which are pure bright tea, full of flavour.

The teas and coffees are available to buy at MostlyManx.

To find out more about Manx Pack you can visit their website or contact them directly on (01624) 824004.