3ft x 2ft Manx Flag

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This is a 3ft x 2ft nylon flag of the Isle of Man.

Complete with brass ringlets.

The Isle of Man flag consists of a red field with a gold triskelion in the center. The field is often referred to as "Gules" (red) in heraldry, while the triskelion is "Or" (gold).

The most striking and defining feature of the flag is the triskelion, which is a motif consisting of three armored legs with spurs. These legs radiate from a central hub and are arranged in a spiral pattern. The triskelion is usually designed in gold on a red background. Each leg is bent at the knee, forming an almost circular pattern. The triskelion is also known as the "Three Legs of Man."

The red field is a symbol of strength, courage, and valor, while the gold triskelion represents the island's historical connections to the Isle of Man's Celtic heritage. The triskelion is derived from ancient Celtic symbolism and can be traced back to the island's history.

The origin of the Isle of Man flag dates back to the 13th century when the island was ruled by the Lords of Man, originally a Norse dynasty. The triskelion was associated with the Vikings and their influence on the island's culture. The design has evolved over time, but the current version, with the armored legs, has been in use since the 17th century.
The Isle of Man flag is unique and instantly recognizable, and it holds a significant place in the island's culture and identity. It reflects the island's historical heritage, while the triskelion is a distinctive symbol that has become synonymous with the Isle of Man.