The Wreck of the Racehorse by Brian King

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Two hundred years ago the Royal Navy sloop of war, Racehorse, smashed to pieces on a rocky reef off the coast of the Isle of Man. The efforts of the Manxmen of Castletown to save those on board, proved to be a catalyst in the founding of what became the Royal national Lifeboat Institution, the RNLI.

One hundred and fifty years later a group of volunteer divers from the Isle of Man rediscovered the wreck and began the slow process of excavation. 

Written by one of the divers who found the wreck, and including documents such as the captains report to the admiralty, and the minutes of the crews court martial, this book offers an unrivalled view of an unparalleled event in maritime history.

This book tells the story of how HMS Racehorse was lost - and found.

Fully illustrated.

A4 size, 68 pages

Published 2022