Manx Tartan Gnome

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These Manx tartan Gnomes have trekked on their tiny little legs all the way from somewhere close by, to here, stopping every few minutes to fight amongst themselves, discuss what is for dinner and check their hairstyles.
Each Gnome is bespoke and comes with plenty of attitude and bad manners. They make great meet and greeters when on display in your house, that is, if you don’t mind the sarcasm and grumpiness.

The Gnomes stands 37cm high with a sort of waist (if they can find it after all the chips, cheese and gravy), measuring approx. 40cm 

As they are all bespoke and handmade here on the IOM, the colour of the beards may be different to the photo.

(Their hats can be straight, twisted or bent, depending on how you want them to look).


Also available in the Manx brown hunting tartan.