Manx Loaghtan Ram A5 notepad

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A Manx Loghtan ram (Monarch of Glenn Dhoo) plain paper notebook 

Artist Meriel Burden lives in the small rural village of Ballaugh on the Isle of Man with her three dogs, Alice the Greyhound, Varg and Tippi the Swedish Vallhunds, and her husband Nigel. She graduated with a degree in Fine Art (Painting) in 1990.

Animals have always been a huge part of Meriel’s life and so after college this led her to pursue a career in veterinary nursing. She trained and qualified as a veterinary nurse at a veterinary hospital in Maidstone, Kent, and she enjoyed working there until illness forced her to reconsider her art background. Meriel couldn't envisage a working life without animals and so painting them seemed the best option!

 A little bit about Loaghtan Sheep

The Manx Loaghtan is a rare breed of small primitive, short-tailed mountain sheep, native to the Isle of Man, dating back to the Bronze Age.

The name Loaghtan is derived from the Manx Gaelic words “Lugh” (mouse) and “Dhoan” (brown) which describes the unique earthy “moorit” colour of their fleece.

Both the ewes and the rams sport horns, the rams especially growing two, four or even six magnificent straight or curly specimens.