Manx Lavender Manxman Soap

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Made here in the IOM by The Manx Lavender company.

Great for the men in your life.

This is a knock your socks off soap! Many people don't realise that some lavender varieties are stimulating rather than relaxing. This soap will certainly wake you up in the morning. A pure mix of Lavandin & Stoechas oil varieties will leave you refreshed & super clean. Even warriors have their gentler side and the olive oil in this soap bar will care for your skin.

115 grams, Vegan.


Manx Lavender, take immense pride in their commitment to nurturing over 5000 lavender plants across 2.5 acres of scenic landscape on the Isle of Man. The lavender fields flourish with seven distinct lavender varieties, each with its own unique beauty and therapeutic qualities. 

The products Manx Lavender produce are never tested on animals and they never knowingly use any materials or products that have been tested on animals.

This is just one of the exceptional lavender-based products that Manx Lavender has to offer. Their dedication to pure lavender growing and sustainable practices ensures that each product captures the true essence of lavender, delivering a natural and harmonious experience for your self-care routine.

Discover the magic of lavender with Manx Lavender, and elevate your daily rituals with products that embody the serenity and beauty of the Isle of Man's lavender fields. Explore the diverse range and embrace the soothing embrace of lavender in every aspect of your life.