Loaghtan Sheep Mini Sized Tray

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A small melamine tray depicting a grazing Manx Loaghtan sheep by Manx artist Graihagh Hardinge. Ideal for a round of sandwiches with a drink, or just for trinkets. The tray measures approx. 21cm x 15cm


Artist Biography

Graihagh Hardinge is a Manx-born marine biologist and artist with a passion for the natural world. Her paintings are primarily focused on local fauna, Manx landscapes and pet portraits. Her family’s Manx Loaghtans in Ballamodha are a particular favourite to paint, as each individual has a unique appearance as well as temperament. An admirer of all matters relating to biodiversity and the environment, Graihagh has a scientific background and is currently studying towards a PhD focused on the ecology of deep-sea jellyfish. This is based at the Natural History Museum London and also the National Oceanography Centre Southampton.