Due to a problem with supply because of a fire, we are out of stock of a lot of our glassware but are expecting a delivery soon.


  A little bit about our Ellan Vannin glassware

Ellan Vannin is the Manx name for the Isle of Man. Ellan is Manx for Island and Vannin is Man hence “Island of Man”

The glassware range has been designed for us by local artist Julia Ashby Smyth.

When discussing the commision we explained to Julia that we wanted a design that was Manx but that would equally appeal to anyone with no Isle of Man connections. We knew the products would be bought for wedding gifts and not everyone wants the Isle of Man 3 legs on display. Julia very cleverly designed this Knox style (as in the Manx art nouveau designer Archibald Knox) Celtic design using the words ELLAN VANNIN knotted and linked together.

Each order for anything in this range is accompanied by a print out of the story behind the design and the words to the song Ellan Vannin

When the summer day is over, And its busy cares have flown,I sit beneath the starlight, With a weary heart, alone,Then rises like a vision,Sparkling bright in nature's glee,My own dear Ellan Vannin, With its green hills by the sea.