Douglas Corporation Buses - Centenary Edition

Specially commissioned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Douglas Corporation buses, this volume by well known local historian and author Richard Davis, tells the story of Douglas buses from their inauguration in 1914 up to nationalisation in 1976 and beyond. Using many previously unpublished photographs from both his own collection and others, he tells the story of the Corporation fleet, describing the vehicles on a class by class basis and revealing insights into the often unique and unusual buses that once gave Douglas an enviable reputation as an unparalleled attraction for transport enthusiasts from far and wide. Richard, has been involved with buses over many years as a preservationist and vehicle restorer, he shares his fascination with the buses of Douglas and shows why they were once the subject of so much civic pride and affection. Some of the sales of this book will be made to the Manx Transport Enthusiasts Association.

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