A Detailed Account of Manx Cats

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This great little book by Sara Goodwins goes some way to explore the origin and folklore of the Manx cats.


The Isle of Man’s tailless cats are world famous, but the reason why they differ in this respect from almost all other cats is still subject to misunderstanding, comment and speculation.

 Did a TT motorcyclist run over a cat’s tail during the famous race? Did Noah have a hand in creating a Manxie?  Did Mannanan, the island’s traditional protector create cats without tails?  Or, more prosaically, is taillessness the result of their heredity?

Divided into three sections, the book covers the history of Manx cats, the animal today, and folklore concerning why the cat has no tail.

With colour illustrations on every page, the book outlines the origins and mystery surrounding these intelligent and friendly animals.