A Brief History of the Isle of Man

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The first edition of ‘A Brief History of the Isle of Man’ was Loaghtan Books’ most successful title. But they ran out. Rather than just reprint it, particularly as rising costs would have meant an increased price, they put their minds to producing a revision which would be even better.

The second edition still includes the essential history, for example the importance of the Manx crosses, the creation of Tynwald, the introduction of the TT, and the struggle to maintain the Manx identity, but has been rewritten to be even more accessible.

And there’s more! The revised edition is slightly longer with new material including, more about Illiam Dhone, the ownership of Manx land, the involvement of the island in the slave trade, and the appearance of Manx cats.

With about 60% new text and about 75% new photographs, tourists and residents alike will find the second edition of A Brief History of the Isle of Man an excellent introduction to this magical island.