MostlyManx was founded in 2007 by Dian Skelton who wanted to raise the profile of the many talented Manx artisans. 

MostlyManx is dedicated to the promotion of Isle of Man artisans, through the use of our retail locations, internet presence and public events. You can also find more artisans through 

The striking logo symbolising MostlyManx is an echo of the Island’s traditional Three Legs. Instead of three legs, however, the logo features three hands joining together in unity. This is based on the philosophy that artisans predominantly use their hands to produce their work and often work together to share ideas and inspiration. The style of the script used in the lettering is a combination of Celtic and Latin to reflect traditional skills and values. The colours are based on the blues of the Laxey Manx tartan.

Our Physical MostlyManx shop is open mon-fri from 10am to 5pm and sat 10am to 4pm