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These vicious Vikings have trekked on their tiny little legs all the way from Ramsey to Douglas, stopping every few miles to fight amongst themselves, discuss what is for dinner and check their hairstyles.
Each Viking is bespoke and come with plenty of attitude and bad manners, but, they are superb at holding open doors because their butts are rather heavy. They also make great meet and greeters if you don’t mind the sarcasm and grumpiness.

The Vikings stand 10" high with a waist (if they can find it after all the chips,cheese and gravy), measuring 14" 

Vikings come as either a boy/man/warrior or girl/woman/warrior and often incorporate material which they have pillaged from the Woollen Mills in Laxey after throwing some old bones of defeated enemies to "Rick" the Mill guard dog.


Vikings are handmade in Ramsey by "Believe Designs"