Sweet Mountain Air Designs has the goal of offering something a little different to the island's many visitors and residents. The gifts we produce are inspired by our love of the Isle of Man and the things that make it unique and special.

 We celebrate Manx magic with jewellery that ranges from the much loved Manx Cat to the renowned Douglas Bay Horse Tramway. Future lines will embrace the wonderful flora & fauna of our Island, and also celebrate its many myths and legends.

 Our mermaid pendant, the Manx Mermaid, is the first original design in our series of Manx mythology and legends. The accompanying card, “The Legend of the Manx Mermaid” tells the enchanting story of a fisherman named Juan, an apple tree and, of course, a mermaid called Ben Varrey.

 Each piece of jewellery sold by Sweet Mountain Air Designs features an entertaining story card, so that visitors to the Isle of Man can learn a bit more about the Isle of Man, its unique culture, its lore and mystery, and the depth of its heritage.