Glyn from Snaefell Soaps

Like many people, Glyn used to use the cheapest liquid hand soap she could find at the supermarket. It was false economy though, because she says that she used gallons of hand cream, because her hands were so dry and rough. Glyn never thought much about it, she thought that was just how life was.

One day, for fun, she tried making soap. She enjoyed the process, but didn’t see it being a massive part of her life. Soap has to cure for around four weeks before you can use it, so she put it aside, and didn't think too much of it. Four weeks passed, and she started using the soap. It was good, it smelled nice and got her hands clean. A little while later, it dawned on her - she hadn't used any hand cream in days!

Once Glyn realised how much better her skin was, her curiosity took off, and she started making more soap, experimenting, and researching the properties that different ingredients and techniques would bring to the finished soap. Glyn spent a year or so making vast quantities of soap, handing it out to friends, family, basically anyone who stopped still long enough.

During her research, Glyn found out that the glycerine present in handmade soap is a by-product of the chemical process, and that commercially produced soap undergoes an extra process, where the glycerine is extracted, and used to make – you guessed it – hand cream! That clinched it. No more shop-bought soap for! And so, the journey began…