M is for MANX CAT! An Isle of Man ABC for Children

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M is for MANX CAT! An Isle of Man ABC, by Gemma Hjerth and Kim Gee, is an informative, interactive and wonderfully illustrated celebration of Our Island.

It will appeal to young children, early readers and Isle of Man enthusiasts from near and far away.

You can even listen to the Manx translations in the book at www.isleofmanabc.com

Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a colourful, digital illustration of an Isle of Man icon, a rhyming couplet and a Manx translation and pronunciation.

The book also features:
• A full page of Manx Gaelic translations and pronunciations, provided by Culture Vannin (with sound files of these to listen to at www.isleofmanabc.com)
• Four Manx Songs (the Manx National Anthem, The Laxey Wheel Song, Ramsey Town and Hunt the Wren)
• Two pages of interesting facts about the Isle of Man
• A little wren to hunt for
• Lots of Three Legs of Man to count!


This is an Isle of Man ABC:
to celebrate Our Island, fair and free.

Mm is for Manx Cat, with no tail to chase,
Zz is for zZZEEEOOowm! - a TT bike race!

Dd is for Dancer, a smile on her face,
Yy is for Yachts, that sail at some pace!

Learn about letters, play Hunt the Wren,
practise Manx Songs that we sing now and then.

Explore the gems of the Isle of Man,
speak Manx Gaelic - you certainly can!

Manx culture, heritage, wildlife too,
a book of true treasures, especially for you.


M is for Manx Cat! An Isle of Man ABC is supported by Isle of Man Arts Council and Year of Our Island,