Leela's Kitchen Onion Bhaji Mix

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Leela's kitchen Onion bhaji mix - WINNER of the U.K Quality Food Awards 2016 now comes in NEW compostable packaging with labels designed by Kumars very talented friend Dhruva Paknikar from India. This recipe has been in Kumars family for 5 generations and he remembers his mum making the bhaji's for him and his sister when they got home from school.

Onion Bhaji, is a favourite Indian snack. The word "bhaji" means fritter - in fact, they're just one small part of the wider pakora family, which encompasses all manner of fabulous veg/meat etc fried in chickpea batter, but in the Isle of Man/ U.K, the pungent onion variety rules supreme.

You are buying a product that has been tried and tested many time.