Kasia Mirska from Kasia Mirska Graphic Design

Kasia, originally from Poland has lived on the island since 2007. She loves the island because it’s a great place to bringing up a child and schools are great. Kasia graduated from the State University of Art in Wroclaw, Poland with a Master’s degree in Industrial Design. She has a long experience of work for advertising agencies. Her designs won a prize in all-polish ‘Golden Eagles’ Competition for the set of tea packaging designs for the brand ‘Lipton-Yellow Label’- Unilever Polska.

Kasia has been designing her Manx Themed cards since 2014 which are sold at MostlyManx all year round. Her Christmas collection is also available in the shop from October.

Kasia’s cards started with a request from a person for Manx motives watercolour illustration and the idea spiralled from there! Kasia loves making them and spends a lot of her time coming up with new themes, tweaking and perfecting the Manx themes she already has.

In 2013 Kasia won the Best Entry Award in Graphic Design competition organised by Ashgrove Marketing Agency.

Kasia prepares bespoke digital caricatures from photos and also does bespoke murals - they can be seen on her Facebook page ‘Kasia Mirska Graphic Design, Art’. The murals and cards can be commissioned, for more information email

The future of Kasia Mirska Graphic Design, Art looks bright with Kasia wanting to extend her murals portfolio, Manx themed illustrations and build a souvenirs range. She offers to design logotypes, leaflets, posters. She takes inspirations from children’s illustrators and international artists, her own observation and nature. It is clear to see that this is where her passion lies.

Kasia's cards, tea towels and mugs can be bought from MostlyManx