Frank 'n Stans Bucket List 2

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Frank’s too busy enjoying life just now to worry about dying...

Bucket list item №1 for Frank and his oldest friend, Stan, was the TT Races. They did it, and loved it so much, that now they’re heading back for item №2 on the list – TT Races yet again!

The fledgeling race team they’d cobbled together on their first outing – despite moments of definite glory – didn’t exactly thrive. But, despite this, they’ve once again secured the trusty services of Dave and Monty – the two most out of shape, yet passionate and dedicated, racers in the paddock – and they’re optimistically eyeing a top ten finish. With his unhappy marriage and wallet-draining ex-wife now firmly in the past, Frank is ready for a positive change – time and health permitting. Life in the glorious Isle of Man has rejuvenated him, and he’s now eager, in fact, to make it his home.

But he’s not going anywhere unless his mate Stan’s coming, too!

This is the second book about the two characters Frank & Stan, not to mention the infamous "Stella" brilliantly written by J C Williams.  Bikes, laughter and human interest mixed in with the TT Races. A real laugh out loud book.