Evenings of Wonder

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What a fascinating book  by local author Sue King (Supported by Culture Vannin), on the history of circus's in the Isle of Man. From humble acrobatics to death-defying stunts, these are the real life exploits of some of 19th century Britain's most innovative circus personalities, as witnessed by mesmerised audiences on the Isle of Man - a Victorian holiday idyll in the middle of the Irish Sea.

The stories, moving from cramped yards to vast hippodromes, not only vividly encapsulate the development of British circus, but also the timeless thrills that create evenings of wonder....


published 2019

pages 282


Evenings of Wonder is a vivid chronicle of the extrodinary cicus personalities that visited the Isle of Man in the nineteenth century. All the named characters and events described in the book are based on fact and background details are as historically accurate as possible.

The narrative is a product of the author's imagination. To marry the two has not been an easy balancing act - but then, there is nothing easy about the circus. They just make it look that way.