Electric Tram Tin Mug (Pam the Paddlebox)

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Electric Tram Tin Mug great for either a child, a tram enthusiast or for using anywhere a normal mug might get broken. This mug depicts two open, red, carriages and has been given the friendly name of “Pam the Paddlebox”. This tin mug is one of a set of three mugs designed by local author and publisher Sara Goodwins.

(As a form of safety, and it works really well, a tram would have a red staff or paddle like a rounders bat. If work is being carried out on one of the tram lines then a clear signal is needed so as not to crash into a tram coming in the opposite direction if only one line can be used. When the tram arrives at a single line, the tram with the paddle on it has right of way and can continue while the tram without a paddle has to wait.)