Cork and Manx Tartan Purse

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These beautiful handmade (in the Isle of Man) purses are a great alternative to a leather purse. Using renewable cork and Manx Tartan fabric woven at Laxey Woollen Mills, they are the prefect purse to create a talking point. Plenty of room for cards, notes and cash.

Cork fabric , or cork leather as it is sometimes called, is a high quality fabric produced from thin cork shavings obtained directly from the bark of the cork oak tree. Much of the production is hand crafted. 

Cork harvesting is the process of removing the bark off the cork tree.  The cork harvesters need to take great care not to damage the very thin skin-like membrane which is found between the bark and the inner trunks of each tree. If this membrane were to be damaged it would weaken and perhaps kill the tree. It is this membrane that provides the nourishment to the cork trees. One the cork is removed  the harvest date has to be registered to ensure the trees are not harvested again before the allowable nine years pass So, after the bark is harvested from the trees the number of the year in which the tree was last harvested is painted onto each tree.