Silver spoon rings

Posted by Suzanne on 26th Nov 2019

Silver spoon rings

A few months ago, a lovely man called Kim, popped into our Manx Tartan shop at Laxey Woollen Mills as he was looking for some Manx hunting tartan to use in his photographs. Once we had sorted him out, being nosy, we asked him to tell us a little more about his work.

He makes silver rings from antique spoons.

So we are often asked for bits of jewellery but so many other shops around us do jewellery that we knew if we wanted to sell any it would have to be very special and really jump out at us.

Kims “silverspoonrings” jumped straight up at us like an excited puppy (oh no, wait a minute that was us, not the rings).

Kim was also looking for a retail outlet (he didn’t know it at the time though) so we persuaded him to let us promote him through MostlyManx, although the rings sell themselves.

We chose a selection of rings for the shop and then we launched the range by Kim doing a workshop in store. What a lovely, genuine and interesting man he is. His passion for his work is self evident and his enthusiasm spreads to everyone he talks to. He has a large Facebook following and we were amazed at the reaction we got to our window display. Kim spends hours searching out interesting antique spoons which come from all over the world and will make a bespoke ring for a client, even visiting their house for that extra personal touch

(Kim’s slogan is Made in the Isle of Man For like-minded individuals who “Dare To Be Different”)

Spoon rings were first made in 17th century England as wedding gifts by servants who could not afford expensive precious metals. Servants would steal a silver spoon from their master and have it turned into a wedding ring to be worn on the thumb of their true love. Servants who were caught were sentenced for “stealing a silver spoon” and this expression of love would be punished with a sentence of 7 years imprisonment overseas.

Ever since these times, spoon rings have been a timeless and unique gift of love, a wonderful piece of heritage not forgotten.

“You weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but you can live life with one on your hand”.

We are looking forward to the two further workshop demonstrations by Kim, to be held in MostlyManx during two of our late night openings 12th and 19th December.