Post Christmas 2019

Posted by Suzanne on 10th Jan 2020

Post Christmas 2019

Christmas was a real success for us. We appreciate our customers shopping with us when so many retailers are struggling.

Our hampers always do well. We send them all over the world, Israel, New York, Taiwan, Australia, London, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany to name just a few. Postage is expensive but most of them are corporate orders and we get a thrill out of addressing labels to CEO’s of big companies. It’s great to think we are spreading the talent of local Manx artisans around the world.

It’s a shame Christmas is held at the busiest time of the year (yes I know) but we open late nights on Thursdays in December to spread out the queues of customers (yes I am exaggerating a little).

On two of these evenings we had silver spoon ring making demonstrations which went down really well.

Our handmade Manx Christmas crackers sold out. We had done a Manx Tartan theme this year which was so popular we will repeat again for next Christmas.

Our best sellers in the shop were Berries luxury Xmas puddings, Alice Fayle tea towels and our new design Joe Mason, Calf of Man, ranges.