We are so excited. It normally doesn't take much (a new postcard coming out can induce a brief feeling of joy) but this is so exciting for us that we have to stop ourselves from running naked around the car park. Actually that would terrify our customers so we promise not to do that.

Anyway we are moving our physical shop upstairs. Our customers, who visit Laxey Woollen Mills, will be aware that there is a unit next door to our tearoom. This is a beautiful room with beams and lots of light so we have grabbed it for Presence of Mann.

Don't panic, we are not disrupting anything until January.

We are taking this opportunity to change our stock. We have been very successful with our ranges up to now but see this as our chance to produce our very own ranges which will not be available anywhere else.

We are teaming up with Manx artists to produce exciting new artwork and packaging. Our first products are already starting to arrive.

Using local photographer Peter Cubbon, we have produced our own Manx Tartan gift wrapping paper in both Laxey Manx Tartan and the Hunting Tartan. Good quality and the real colours of the tartans have come through.

Next to arrive will be a new range of products depicting a most handsome Manx Loaghtan ram by artist Meriel Burden.When we saw the prototype cushion with him on we went into ecstasy. (I told you it doesn't take much) 

Watch this space for more info when they actually arrive.