Well here we are all nicely settled into our new premises. It's looking good.

We decided to move all the stock on the wettest day possible, Saturday 2nd January. We started off with good intentions of moving section by section and finished up just dumping everything in the middle of the floor. All mixed up and with nowhere to go. Even two of our most loyal customers, Martin and Helen helped out. Thank you so much we couldn't have got through it without you both. Anyway, what a mess I came into on Monday morning. I didn't know where to start so I started at one end and stacked everything in their groups on shelves and inside cupboards and drawers etc. The aim was just to be able to see the floor by the end of the day. It worked. By 5pm I could happily let customers in. I wouldn't know where anything was but it was starting to get a good feel to the place.

By Tuesday the products had decided almost on their own where they looked right. Funny really because it was not how I originally saw the shop layout but by just trying to make it look tidy it evolved on it's own. Ok I know I will change things around gradually but basically it is as is.

Still got more spotlights and shelves to go up but customers seem to like what we have done. Cosy and warm too.

Now, where did I put those empty boxes for the new glassware?