Manx Christmas 2020

Posted by Suzanne on 6th Feb 2021

Manx Christmas 2020

Wow what a busy Christmas we had. 

We are so lucky to be living on the Isle of Man where during this pandemic we are able to live a relatively normal life. Ok our borders are closed so we are missing our friends, families and tourists visiting, but we can shop, eat out, visit each other etc.

We found that because locals were not able to go off the Island to visit friends and family, that they were actually wanting to spend more on the gifts they were buying. We sold an unbelievable amount of Manx food hampers this year. We were so busy that some of our local food producers couldn’t keep up with the demand and we actually had to take them off the website.

Our other best sellers were the face masks which we did in both the tartans plus our unique Manx map facemask. Again, the artisans who make the tartan ones couldn’t keep up and we ran out.

Manx crackers were so popular that they sold out at the beginning of November despite us making twice as many boxes as other years.

We also sold out of handmade soaps, scrubs, bath bombs and candles. There must be a lot of sweet smelling people out there.

Anyway it has been very reassuring to know that our locals are supporting us and that the demand for Manx quality gifts has grown with people wanting a little piece of the Island to bring back good memories.