So it's Xmas eve and the carpet is down and half the shop furniture is in. We are now looking at the lighting situation. With 7 windows (not windows 7) in the unit, although there is plenty of daylight coming in, we need to be able to shine lights on the stock. The room has a lovely high ceiling with beams so now we are thinking of spotlights in the windows and attached to the beams. After trying various options we have found some we are happy with and they will be fitted next week. The big welsh dresser needs fixing to the wall before we put stock on it. A glass cabinet is to be moved from the tearoom so we can use it to display our new glassware. A fire extinguisher needs moving 6 inches to the right. Window shelves need constructing. Two sideboards need carrying upstairs by two strong men (Christian & Pete).

Then next week we can start moving stock upstairs and dressing the shop. Hoping to open end of first week in January