Hop Tu Naa

Here in the Isle of Man, instead of Haloween, we celebrate Hop tu naa an ancient Celtic festival celebrating the start of the Celtic new year and the beginning of winter. We carve turnips "Moots" not pumpkins but we still go around knocking on peoples doors to sing a song about Jinny the Witch.

Hop-tu-Naa, Hop-tu-Naa,
Jinny the witch flew over the house, to get the stick to lather the mouse.
Hop-tu-Naa, Hop-tu-Naa,
Your mother's gone away and she won't be back until the morning.

I have just done a window display for Hop tu naa which is having the desired effect of getting people to stop and look, however it is the props they are interested in before they see the lovely black Manx cat gifts and Celtic crosses etc. It has also meant customers keep ruining the displays by buying stuff. Very inconsiderate of them, ha ha.

Now what shall I do for my next window display?