Corona Virus/Covid 19

Posted by Suzanne on 13th Apr 2020

Corona Virus/Covid 19

The Corona virus pandemic has hit everyone. We closed The Manx Tartan Shop in Laxey a week before our Government quite rightly shut down all retailers except food stores etc. 

Those of you who know us will be aware that Annie who works in the Tartan shop had just finished her chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. We are over the moon that she has beaten this horrible disease and we were taking no chances once Corvid 19 reached the Island.

 Annie had continued to work throughout her treatment, we couldn't stop her. She said she needed to keep busy and she was extremely careful about her immune system,  It was the quietest time of year for the shop and all our locals knew the situation and would keep their distance from her if they had a cold etc (before the corona virus social distancing rules were ever thought about). They would stand in the doorway and shout what they needed to her or even just pop in and leave a gift for her. We love our customers.

So we closed the shop. It was the only way we could stop her coming to work. Annie we love you.

MostlyManx closed it's doors the day before officially having to. How strange it felt. 

Nicky who works there was also disappointed she couldn't carry on working but she knew it was the right thing to do and stopped working the Thursday before. Nicky is obsessed with keeping our stock and shelves clean and tidy and will be making up for it by obsessively cleaning her house and organising her family into neat little rows.

We continued with our website even offering free postage to customers on the Island to try to help build up that side of our business but quickly realised that was not going to be viable. We would have been making unnecessary journeys back and forwards to the shop and the post office with orders. 


I took down the website for a week but then people were still wanting to browse our products so I opened it up again but disabled the purchasing from it.

We can't wait to all get back to work and to seeing each other and our customers again.