Christmas window

So, we decided we wanted to bring a smile to our customers faces when they were looking in our Christmas window. A mischievous pup is always good. Anyway I stole my grandsons soft toy dog, "Tramp" from the Disney film "Lady & The Tramp" (he did give me permission), and I staged a photograph of him wearing a red rosette as if he had won best pup at dog obedience. Then I made a poster like a front page headline saying that "Tramp" had ruined Christmas by destroying all the presents and he had been stripped of his award. Then to make it realistic (as real as a toy can be) I got one of my real dogs to chew up some presents and hey presto we finished up with a window display that looked a mess. Well yes I know that was the idea but I'm hoping people actually look properly and don't think we have just thrown a load of chewed up gifts in the window for no reason. Or worse still, think that we have mice.