2nd Lockdown

Posted by Suzanne on 13th Feb 2021

2nd Lockdown

Here on the Island our small talk has changed from talking about the weather to constantly reminding each other how lucky we are to be living here during the pandemic. Every conversation seems to start with “we are so lucky living here aren’t we”.

Our Chief Minister and Health Minister have been fantastic in protecting us from the big bad world out there. After Christmas and New Year we had a small outbreak of Covid in the community so, the whole of the Island went into a circuit breaker lockdown on 4th January for 4 weeks.

After such a busy Christmas our shelves were looking a little bare. We spent this time looking for ideas for new stock, contacting new artisans, cleaning and generally recharging our batteries. Internet sales were continuing but we had to make as few trips to the shops and post office as we could, so we were dispatching only twice a week. Thank you out there for being so understanding.

We re-opened on 1st Feb and it was good to see locals coming back into the shop. “Morning, we are so lucky to live here aren’t we”